Step 1:

Simply tap the wallet icon in the footer.

The next steps are pretty self-explanatory and only require you to follow the instructions on the screen step by step.

In case you face any difficulties here are some more details on the next steps:

Step 2:

If you already have a HODL user login then skip to step 3.

Otherwise simply enter your email address, name and a password to create a HODL account.

Step 3:

Respond to the question "Enable trading?" by tapping "Ok".

Step 4:

Select your country of residence.

Step 5:

Confirm the FTX terms by tapping the little switch/toggle button and then tapping "Next".

Step 6:

Answer any additional questions that might come up.

Step 7:

Set up your verification method. If you select 2FA authenticator you will need an authenticator app like this Google Authenticator for iOS or Google Authenticator for Android. If you select SMS you only need to provide your current mobile phone number.

That's it. You are ready to start trading!