You can either select 'Market Aggregate' (e.g. 'Market Aggregate -USD') or individual exchange pairs (eg. 'Coinbase-USD').

If you believe a price is incorrect please double-check which exchange-currency pair is currently selected on LiveQuote. (See screenshot below) Make sure that this is the exact same exchange-currency pair you are comparing it to on another website.

For example, it makes sense to compare the following:
  • the Binance-BTC price for TRX on HODL to the TRX/BTC price on
It does NOT make sense to compare the following:
  • the Market Aggregate-USD price for XRP on HODL to the XRP price on CoinMarketCap
  • the Market Aggregate-USD price for TRX on HODL to the USD price displayed for TRX on
  • the Coinbase-USD price for ETH on HODL to the ETH/USD price on Bittrex
That's comparing apples to oranges.

Our 'Market Aggregate' prices are volume weighted aggregates from multiple exchanges. They are provided by CryptoCompare and also used by many other apps and websites, including Yahoo Finance. One can't compare them to the pricing on an individual exchange because they represent a basket of multiple exchanges.
It also does not make sense to compare them to the prices on, which has it's own aggregate index using its own formula which is always different from - but neither more nor less accurate than the CryptoCompare index.

Hope this helps!